A space to bring you back to balance...

Regardless of your age, sex or current athletic ability, partaking in yoga benefits your physical and mental health. Yoga is more than just an endeavor; it is a springboard to a healthy lifestyle, and a way to improve your overall wellness.

Located on a scenic hilltop overlooking the Caribbean Sea in the hills of Portland, Jamaica, Oneness Wellness Farm is an ideal location for yoga and meditation retreats. Oneness offers and hosts yoga holidays, personal retreats, couples retreats and karma yoga. Whatever your reasons, Oneness offers the safe haven needed for you to escape the chaos of daily life, allowing you to recharge your batteries.

Keep in mind, there is also a restaurant named Ital Reservations on the premises, which serves a variety of vegetarian dishes, and each delicious meal and juice comes right from its farm. In addition, Oneness offers a wellness-day pass for locals and visitors staying somewhere else if you want to join a yoga class, lunch, dinner or the evening talk and meditation.

Moreover, Oneness is available for teachers and facilitators looking for a beautiful space to hold their retreats, workshops and/or trainings.


Come experience the ultimate Oneness Wellness lifestyle.

The next time you need to get away, and enjoy a weekend of tranquility and reflection, remember Oneness Wellness Farms has all you need. Relaxing in the sun near the sea is an ideal remedy for many mental or physical ailments. Undoubtedly, you learn something new about yourself and your life, and you return home a different person.

Oneness hopes rest, reflection and relaxation will catapult more love, health and happiness into your life, and help improve your relationships with others. Through yoga and meditation, you will have the tools needed to restore balance to your life.


Health is the real wealth

One Love
The Oneness Wellness Team.


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